Controller Malia M. Cohen: California State Controller's Office


Welcome to the Certified Public Accountants Directory Service (CPADS) for K-12 Local Education Agency audits. This service is provided by the California State Controller’s Office.

The purpose of this web site is to allow customers to view a list of CPAs currently designated as active by the State Controller’s Office and who can perform K-12 Local Education Agency audits.

Click “CPA List” in the navigation pane to view a list of CPAs alphabetically, or to narrow the list by city. Contact information has been provided on each CPA so you can quickly select one to meet your auditing needs. In addition, if there are Quality Control Review reports available for a CPA, you can view or download them at your convenience. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reports. The program can be downloaded for free from Adobe at

Note: The firms/individuals listed in this directory have been certified as being in good standing by the California Board of Accountancy. The firms/individuals listed have been deemed qualified pursuant to Education Code section 41020(f) to conduct audits of K-12 local education agencies. However, in providing this listing, the State Controller’s Office does not endorse any particular firm nor provide any assurances or guarantees regarding the quality or accuracy of the services provided by these firms.

For further suggestions on selecting a CPA, please refer to the California Board of Accountancy’s web site on “How to Select a CPA” at A CPA’s most current status with the California Board of Accountancy can be found at .

Certified public accountants or public accountants that want to be added to the directory must submit a written request to:

  • California State Controller’s Office
  • Division of Audits
  • Attention: Financial Audits Bureau – Education Oversight Unit
  • Post Office Box 942850
  • Sacramento, CA 94250-5874

Please include the firm's license number and the names and license numbers of all active partners or individuals who will sign audit reports on behalf of your firm. The CPADS directory is listed by firm location. If your firm has multiple offices, please specify the office location related to your request and submit a separate request for each office you want to add. You may e-mail your request as an unsecured PDF to

If you have any questions regarding the information posted on this web site, please leave a message at (916) 324-6442 or an email to